Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Peacock Version 1.0

I'm feeling a little better this afternoon about my hope of creating a peacock cake theme. With the help of rice krispy treats I've managed to mold up a decent birdie for a first try. Covered in fondant - skewered with wooden kabob sticks. I know traditionalist say it should be cake but the neck and head would just be too heavy.

I just used leaf cut-outs to see how this first one would look. I have ordered some fancy feather molds and cut-outs though...they just haven't arrived yet! And color - not sure whether I want to do colors yet or just use white and pearlize.

I did discover that I will need to use either thicker dowels or piping for better structure though. The wooden skewers didn't help all too much - resulting in a sad, sad peacock. Ahhhhh.

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