Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Corsets & Topsy-Turvy Birthday

I am a bad, bad blogger. Its not that I haven't baked since my last post but have procrastinated when it has come to posting the pics.

The Caberet Show opening was a hit and so was the corset cake I gifted to the ladies. And really...who can resist a cake with boobs? Its funny, damn funny.
Since I was on the peanut butter kick at the time this cake was also rich chocolate with peanut butter cups through out. Layered with peanut butter cream (oh yum)...you could only have a small piece then have to lean back into the gluttony of it all.
For this cake I got to experiment with some new ribbon and punch out tools my nicey-nice Mom sent me. :)

Latest addition, Chris bday Topsy Turvy. Not too bad for a first attempt I think. Especially since I decided to do it a few hours before I needed to have the cake! Next time, I would definately do 3 tiers to enhance the topsiness and spent more time carving carefully. Its a bit difficult to get perfct angle without collapse.

Also, courtesy of my mom, I used this pan set that helps you create a checkerboard effect with the cake. Yay!

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